Hey,  thank you visiting my blog, I’m relatively new to this… I just got a Macbook and thought blogging in Starbucks is the thing to do so I’m being a sheep, but I’m hoping to be a shepherd one day, * cue Welsh banter about sheep*.

I will try not to bore you with my whole life such as what Welsh poem I read in our school Eisteddfodd back in 2003. (An Eisteddfodd is a tradition concert/festival we have in Wales on our national day –  1st March ‘St Davids day’.) Or how many badges I got swimming back in the day which my nan sowed on to my track suit, which I wish I still had it would be totally vintage.

What my blogs will be about..  Having a boyfriend as a professional Rugby player, being a binge drinker most weekends.. aren’t we all?, trying to lose weight constantly, maybe some  healthy recipes but more likely to be beauty tips, nails and make-up. Certainly lots about my dog, family and friends. My work life not so much probably just my daily struggle with saying no to a snack size twirl.